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New Equipment Spotlight: Improved Degassing Technologies


Product Information

  • AuthorMickey McCollum
  • Author's CompanyPyrotek Inc.
  • Title: New Equipment Spotlight: Improved Degassing Technologies
  • Volume: Vol. 71, No.5
  • Year: 2013
  • No.of Pages: 1
  • Description: In-line degassing systems are often installed between the holding furnace and the caster to remove impurities, primarily dissolved hydrogen. This is accomplished by bubbling an inert gas, such as argon or nitrogen, through the metal as close as practical to the casting station. This article looks at Pyrotek's line of SNIF® (Spinning Nozzle Inert Flotation) SHEER aluminum refining systems, which are deep vessel units, employing one to four nozzles, depending on the user’s metal flow rate and hydrogen reduction requirements.
  • Companies Mentioned: Pyrotek

Product Code: art-00492


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