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The Advantages of Slot Geometry in Anodes


Product Information

•    Title:  The Advantages of Slot Geometry in Anodes

•    Author:  Giovanni Campice

•    Author Company:  T.T. Tomorrow Technology

•    Volume:  Vol. 77, No. 1

•    Year:  2019

•    No. Pages:  2

•    Description:  Smelters that require large sized anodes in their reduction process often incorporate slots into the anodes in order to improve their performance. Being inter-anode separations, the slots act as gaps to safely absorb heat-induced expansions. In this way, the slots help to reduce the thermal stresses in the anodes and thus reduce the risk of cracking. The method for cutting a slot into the anode is extremely important, since the slot height, width, and geometry has an impact on the anode’s overall performance, lifetime, and other parameters. This article will provide an overview of anode slot geometry and the benefits that can be provided by cutting slots into

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