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Welcome to the article store.

Welcome to the Light Metal Age Article Store. A cultural icon of the light metals industry, Light Metal Age magazine has been published for 74 years. The store provides you with access to the entire history of the light metals through the articles that have appeared in the magazine. These articles chronicle the developments in the aluminum, magnesium, and titanium industries. The majority of the content is about aluminum and technological advancements in processing.

This content is made available here in downloadable pdf format. (Currently articles are only available from 2005 to the present, but eventually the archive will grow to include all past articles.) Articles cost $5/ page up to a maximum of $25. Certain material is made available for free. (All content is for personal use only.)

Light Metal Age also has available topic orientated CDs, such as the Extrusion Article Archive, Magnesium Article Archive, and the Titanium Article Archive, which compile hundreds of article into individual searchable databases. Learn more by visiting the Light Metal Age Bookstore.

Please take a moment to read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy before making a purchase.

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