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About Light Metal Age


Light Metal Age is a technical, trade magazine published by Fellom Publishing in the U.S. and devoted exclusively to primary production and semifabrication of light metals, particularly aluminum. It has reached interested readers worldwide for over 71 years.


Light Metal Age serves businesses engaged in primary production/smelting, extrusion, rolling, billet and ingot casting, secondary production/recycling, and foundry operations. Coverage also includes: metallurgy, die making, anodizing, melting, and other allied topics for the processing of aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and their alloys.


In addition to Light Metal Age, Fellom Publishing produces an online directory of Equipment Manufactures and Suppliers for Aluminum Primary, Secondary, Extrusion, and Rolling Industries. Fellom Publishing also publishes the Magnesium Article Archive and the Titanium Article Archive and has plans to publish future digital archives in specific subject areas such as Aluminum Extrusion, Light Metals in Transportation, etc.


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