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New Generation of High Strength Aluminum Casting Alloys


Product Information

•    AuthorV.Kh. Mann, A.N. Alabin, A.Yu. Krokhin,  A.V. Frolov, N.A. Belov

•    Author's Company:  UC Rusal, National Research and Technological University “MISIS”

•    Title: New Generation of High Strength Aluminum Casting Alloys

•    Volume:  Vol. 73, No. 5

•    Year:  2015

•    No. Pages:  3

•    Description:  This article represents the research results for phase composition, structure, and mechanical properties of the new sparingly alloyed high strength alloy of the Al-Zn-Mg-Fe-Ni system (Nickalyn- AZ6NF). The main advantages of the new aluminum alloy are the high level of mechanical properties (ultimate tensile strength – UTS of about 500 MPa), good workability during casting, and relatively low cost price. The alloy is intended for production of relatively sophisticated mold castings, including critical die castings, and may be used as an alternative to foundry steel and cast iron grades and some current aluminum casting alloys. (For the purpose of this article, “sparingly alloyed” refers to efficient and low cost alloying processes for aluminum mold casting.)

Product Code: NEWGUN7X31


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