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The 8th Aluminum Surface Science and Technology Symposium


Product Information

•    Title:  The 8th Aluminum Surface Science and Technology Symposium

•    Author:  Anne Deacon Juhl

•    Volume:  Vol. 76, No. 4

•    Year:  2018

•    No. Pages:  2

•    Description:  The 8th Aluminum Surface Science & Technology (ASST) Symposium was held in Helsingør, Denmark. on May 27-31st, 2018. The mission of the ASST symposia is to create a high-level platform where aluminum surface science and technology brings together colleagues from various industries, universities, and research institutions involved with aluminum. This article provides an overview of the technical program and the keynote, plenary, and symposium presentations offered at the event, with a focus on chemical conversion coatings, corrosion properties and performance, and new trends.

•    Companies Mentioned:  CSIRO, Institute of Materials Research Helmholtz-Zentrum Geestacht (HZG), NTNU, Fokker Aerstructures B.V., Brunel University, Hydro Aluminium, Hokkaido University

Product Code: THENYWNM96


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