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Company Profile: AluMore – A Greater Vision for Casthouse Solutions


Product Information

•    Title:  Company Profile: AluMore – A Greater Vision for Casthouse Solutions

•    Volume:  Vol. 76, No. 5

•    Year:  2018

•    No. Pages:  1.5

•    Description:  The AluMore group was formed in Riverside, CA, in order to help casthouse operationsaddress the challenges of implementing new casting capacity or upgrading existing capacity in order to meet increasing demand for aluminum products. This article provides an overview of the company, which brings together five separate equipment supplier companies based in the Quebec region of Canada—Advanced Dynamics (material handling systems), Dynamic Concept (casting equipment), GNA alutech (melting, holding, heat treatment, and homogenizing furnaces), Mecfor (material handling vehicles, charging machines, etc.), and Refraco (refractory solutions). This article specifically addresses AluMore's ablity to provide process audits, greenfield casthouse installations, and new technology development.

•    Companies Mentioned:  AluMore, Advanced Dynamics, Dynamic Concept, GNA alutech,. Mecfor, Refraco, Braidy Industries

Product Code: COMZF3HU39


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