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Extrusion Productivity, Part II – Predicting Ram Speed


Product Information

•    Title:  Extrusion Productivity, Part II – Predicting Ram Speed

•    Author:  Ken Chien, Paul Robbins, Chris Jowett, Yahya Mahmoodkhani, Yu Wang

•    Author Company:  Castool Tooling Systems, Rio Tinto Aluminium, University of Waterloo, Ontario

•    Volume:  Vol. 77, No. 1

•    Year:  2019

•    No. Pages:  4.5

•    Description:  At its basis, gross productivity of an extrusion operation is simply the product of upset billet weight, ram speed, and the percentage of the time the ram is moving. When multiplied by the percentage of the production that is sold (recovery), this gives net productivity. In this paper, the objective was to study what happens inside the container before the metal reaches the die in order to provide better parameters for predicting ram speed.

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Product Code: EXTN2WA519


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