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Addressing the Challenge of Bauxite Residue: In Search of a “Greener” Red Mud


Product Information

•    Title:  Addressing the Challenge of Bauxite Residue: In Search of a “Greener” Red Mud

•    Author:  Alton Tabereaux

•    Author Company:  

•    Volume:  Vol. 77, No. 1

•    Year:  2019

•    No. Pages:  5

•    Description:  The largest waste by-product generated in the Bayer bauxite refining process is bauxite residue, commonly called red mud. An enormous quantity of caustic red mud is generated worldwide every year, posing a very serious and alarming environmental and safety problem. This article provides a valuable look at bauxite refining and red mud generation from the Bayer Process, along with a look at methods for managing red mud, such as lagooning, dry stacking, and dry disposal, as well as the utilization of the by-product in other industries. Also addressed are processes for neutralizing the high alkalinity of red mud, including sea water neutralization, acid neutralization, carbonation, geosequestration, flue gas neutralization, and calcification-carbonation.

•    Companies Mentioned:  Ajka Timföldgyár, International Aluminium Institute (IAI), UC Rusal, Alcoa, Rio Tinto,Queensland Alumina, CSIRO, 


Product Code: ADDEHAT238


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