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Anodizing Best Practices: The Importance of Pretreatment in Anodizing


Product Information

•    Title:   Anodizing Best Practices: The Importance of Pretreatment in Anodizing

•    Author:  Dr. Anne Deacon Juhl

•    Author Company:  AluConsult and AnodizingSchool

•    Volume:  Vol. 79, No. 3

•    Year:   2021

•    No. Pages:  2

•    Description:   The pretreatment stage in the anodizing process has the largest impact on the final surface appearance. Even though the pretreatment stage usually follows a standard procedure, which includes cleaning, etching, and desmutting, there are many variables within the process that can be altered to achieve different results. For example, an architectural application will probably require a long etching time to achieve a uniform appearance. This article expands on the many options and pitfalls the pretreatment process holds and provides practical advice on what to ask anodizing suppliers in order to achieve better results and reduce errors.

•    Companies Mentioned:   AluConsult and AnodizingSchool

Product Code: CMUCR2


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