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Addressing Aluminum Melt Quality – Part III: Methods of Filtration for Controlling Inclusions


Product Information

•    Title:   Addressing Aluminum Melt Quality – Part III: Methods of Filtration for Controlling Inclusions

•    Author:  John Grandfield, Corleen Chesonis

•    Author Company:  Grandfield Technology Pty. Ltd., Metal Quality Solutions LLC

•    Volume:  Vol. 80, No. 1

•    Year:   2022

•    No. Pages:  2.5

•    Description:   Achieving a consistent melt quality is a key parameter for aluminum operations aiming to meet the standards of their customers. One important consideration in achieving a high aluminum quality is controlling and removing inclusions within the melt. Measurement and control of inclusions continue to improve with the advent of new methods and technologies. This final article in the series addresses control and removal of inclusions using filtration.

•    Companies Mentioned:   Alcoa, Dynamic Concept, Selee, VAW, Hydro Aluminium, Drache, Rio Tinto

Product Code: ADDQVY4U98


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