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Design Evolution at Alcoa Deschambault for Increased Pot Life


Product Information

•    Title:   Design Evolution at Alcoa Deschambault for Increased Pot Life

•    Author:  Jayson Tessier, Mark Rheaume, Patrice Doiron, Simon Beaulieu, Claude Gauthier

•    Author Company:  

•    Volume:  Vol. 80, No. 1

•    Year:   2022

•    No. Pages:  5.5

•    Description:   Increasing amperage generally requires converting to a different pot design that aims to provide optimal and robust performance at the new amperage operating target. Due to the long cycle time required to design and deploy a new pot design, with the number of new pots needed to enable the amperage increase, smelters must generally operate different pot designs at the same time. This paper presents results from the Alcoa Deschambault pot life management and optimization methods that have been implemented at the smelter since its initial plant start-up. The paper accounts for different new pot designs, the challenges that come with them, and the almost continuous amperage increase.

•    Companies Mentioned:   Alcoa Continuous Improvement Center of Excellence, Alcoa Aluminerie de Deschambault

Product Code: DESB1O4554


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