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International Temper Designation Systems for Wrought Aluminum Alloys: Part II - Thermally Treated (T Temper) Aluminum Alloys


Product Information

Author: Joseph C. Benedyk

Company:Illinois Institute of Technology, Light Metal Age


Issue #: Vol. 68, No. 4

Year: 2010

Pages: 6

Summary: Designations for temper treatments have been revised many times over the years. In this article (Part 2 of 3), T temper designations in the ANSI H35.1/H35.1 (M)-2009 standard are reviewed including variations. Also noted are the differences between the temper desinations used in the U.S. under ANSI H35.1 (M) and in Europe in CEN countries under EN 515, as well as some comparisons with older temper designations used in various countries.


Product Code: INTR4


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