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The Goal of Optimizing Aluminum Extrusion Operations, Part I: Or, the Extrusion Manager's Lament and His Quest for the Holy Grail of Continuous Improvement and Data Entry


Product Information

Author: Craig Werner
Company: Werner Extrusion Solutions LLC
Issue#: Vol. 69, No. 5
Year: 2011
Pages: 4

Summary: This article is the first of five, presented in a serialized format. Similar in vein to "The Goal," by Eli Goldratt, the series will present new principles in manufacturing that are specifically tailored for aluminum extrusion. Though fictional in format, these stories represent case studies in extrusion management, illustrating how to best use data, statistics, continuous improvement, optimization techniques, and employee motivation and incentive systems to optimize aluminum extrusion operations. Part I focuses on continuous improvement and data integrity.  

Product Code: THEE2


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