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Recycling of Li-Containing Aluminum Alloys


Product Information

Author: Alexander Arnold, Roger Sauermann, Bernd Friedrich
Company:IME Metallurgical Process Technology and Metal Recycling
Issue #: Vol. 69, No. 6
Year: 2011
Pages: 6

Summary: The recycling of Al-Li alloys poses special challenges due to the need to maintain Na and K at remarkably low levels and to prevent oxidation of the Al-Li scrap during recycling. Al-Li alloys are primarily used in aerospace applications, where so much of the Al-Li alloy products are machined away to form the desired components, and the chips have high surface-to-volume ratios, adding to the recycling difficulty. The work done at IME, as presented in this article, has shown how these expensive alloys can be safely recycled under a LiCl salt flux to achieve 100% recovery. 

Product Code: RECO4


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