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Aluminium Two Thousand Congress 2013 – Milan : Highlights of Extrusion Presentations


Product Information

  • AuthorJoseph C. Benedyk
  • Author's CompanyIllinois Institute of Technology, Light Metal Age
  • Title: Aluminium Two Thousand Congress 2013 – Milan : Highlights of Extrusion Presentations
  • Volume: Vol. 71, No.4
  • Year: 2013
  • No.of Pages: 5
  • Description: The 8th Aluminium Two Thousand Congress, held May 14-18, 2013 in Milan, Italy was organized by Interall Srl and offered 120 scientific and technical papers from international experts in the aluminum industry. In addition to technical sessions, the congress provided tours to one of four Italian companies (extruders Bordega Spa or Profilati Spa, anodizer Ponzio Srl, and extrusion press builder Presezzi Extrusion Spa) and workshops on extrusion, anodizing, and coating. This article looks at the extrusion sessions — Extrusion Dies; Extrusion Plant and Management; Extrusion Process; and Extrusion Products, Architectural Applications, adn Special Uses/Tests — which represent the breadth of extrusion knowledge and developments presented at this latest congress.
  • Companies Mentioned: Interall Srl, South African Development Community (SADC), University of Bologna, Bordega Spa, Profilati Spa, Ponzio Srl, Presezzi Extrusion, SpaItaltecno, MUNK, OMSG, PCS Sales, and Burlingham International, Aluminum Anodizers Council, QuantorForm Ltd., ALKO Engineering, ETH Zürich (Institute of Virtual Manufacturing), WEFA Inotec, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Micro Technica Technologies, Gulf Extrusions, Neper Informatica, Manufacturing Establishment Group, University of Kaiserlautern, Uno Informatica, Altair Engineering, Castool Tooling Solutions, DimaSimma, Sepalumic, Resesco Progetti, Alumat & Almax, TU Berlin, Profilati, Messer Italia, Amcol, Tekna, Aital (ITalian Association for the Surface Treament of Aluminum), Qualital, Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials

Product Code: art-00450


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