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Applications of Wrought Aluminum Alloys in Automotive Components


Product Information

  • AuthorKiyofumi Ito, Masaki Kumagai
  • Author's CompanySumitomo Light Metal Industries Ltd.
  • Title: Applications of Wrought Aluminum Alloys in Automotive Components
  • Volume: Vol. 71, No.5
  • Year: 2013
  • No.of Pages: 3
  • Description: In relation to recent global environmental issues, the reduction of carbon dioxide discharge from automotive vehicles and the improvement of fuel economy have become major issues that need to be addressed. Thus, many measures for improving fuel economy have been taken; among these, weight reduction of automotive vehiclebodies and structures is thought to be most effective. Among the ways to reduce vehicle weight, using aluminum is a well-known option. This article aims to demonstrate how extruded aluminum profiles and other wrought aluminum products are presently being used to achieve weight reduction in automotive vehicles.
  • Companies Mentioned: Sumitomo Light Metal Industries Ltd.

Product Code: art-00484


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