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New Equipment Spotlight: Super-Melt: New Design Rotary Sweat Furnace


Product Information

Title: New Equipment Spotlight: Super-Melt: New Design Rotary Sweat Furnace

Issue #: Vol. 60, No. 7,8

Year: 2002

# of Pages: 1

Description: This New Equipment Spotlight highlights rotary furnaces and their evolution through time. Most recent rotary melting furnace applications have been associated with the recovery of recycled UBC scrap, or dross. Ed Mansell of Melt Tech, Inc., Tuscumbia, Alabama has been successful using this technology to greatly improve the recovery and chemistry of aluminum from contaminated scrap such as "irony breakage" associated with cast products. Mansell developed his tilting furnace design in 1998 and installed two 50,000 pound rotary melting furnaces at Culp Aluminum Smelting in Gadsen, Alabama, where some seven million pounds per month of input scrap weight are processed. Mansell is currently shipping a new super-melt system to specification aluminum alloy producer Arsham Metals in Houston, Texas and working on new orders from two European secondary producers.

Product Code: art-00683


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