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Evaluation of Fatigue Life in Laser Peened Thin Aluminum Panels


Product Information

•    Author:  Enrico Troiani, Sara Taddia

•    Author's Company:  University of Bologna

•    Title:  Evaluation of Fatigue Life in Laser Peened Thin Aluminum Panels

•    Volume:  Vol. 73, No. 6

•    Year:  2015

•    No. Pages:  6

•    Description:  This article on laser shock peening of thin aluminum panels briefly describes the laser shock peening process as it applies to enhancing the fatigue life of the thin aluminum panels, obviously used on aircraft but no doubt generally applicable. Unlike laser applications in welding aluminum alloys, laser shock peening does not fuse the aluminum surface, rather the laser energy pulses are absorbed by the coating placed on the aluminum surface and the localized explosion is directed by flowing water into the surface of the material, thus introducing compression in the surface layers. Unlikeconventional shot peening, laser shock peening introduces a gentler form of compression with minimal cold working. But laser shock peening has its own set of process parameters, which must be controlled to optimize its effects.

•    Companies Mentioned:  University of Bologna, Batelle Laboratories

Product Code: EVAILFDW48


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