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The Economics of Magnesium Smelting Technology


Product Information

•    Author:  John Grandfield

•    Author's Company:  CM Group

•    Title:  The Economics of Magnesium Smelting Technology

•    Volume:  Vol. 74, No. 1

•    Year:  2016

•    No. Pages:  6

•    Description:  Magnesium alloy development, fabrication, and joining processes have been the subject of intense research and development over the last decade and the prospects for magnesium use in transport and other applications are promising. However, the price of primary magnesium will be a key determining factor. A taxonomy of magnesium smelting processes based on method and feedstock can be made drawing on previous technology reviews. The current economics of the key magnesium smelting processes and commercialized technologies (electrolysis, silicothermal,aluminothermal, and carbothermal reduction) are examined in this article, along with emerging processes, such as catalyzed organo-metathetical (COMET) and solid oxidemembrane (SOM).

•    Companies Mentioned:  DOW, Hydro, Pechiney, Timminco, North West Alloys, VAMI, US Magnesium, Qinghai Salt Lake Magnesium, Reynolds Aluminum, CSIRO, Nevada Clean Magnesium (NCM), POSCO,

Product Code: THE6IBZB47


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