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ET ’16 – Innovations for Tomorrow, Insights for Today


Product Information

•    Author:  Joseph C. Benedyk

•    Author's Company:  Illinois Institute of Technology, Light Metal Age

•    Title:  ET ’16 – Innovations for Tomorrow, Insights for Today

•    Volume:  Vol. 74, No. 4

•    Year:  2016

•    No. Pages:  5

•    Description:  The Eleventh International Aluminum Extrusion Technology Seminar and Exposition – ET ’16 was held in Chicago, IL, May 2-6, 2016, drawing more than 1,350extrusion industry professionals from 45 countries. This article provides a look at select papers from the event, addressing topics such as the latest trends in automotive extrusions, new developments in die materials, how servo-drives are revolutionizing extrusion equipment, new phenomenon in the aluminum extrusion process, and shortening the aging process.

•    Companies Mentioned:  Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC), ET Foundation, National Research Council of Canada, Rio Tinto, Sapa, Ohio University, Alexandria Industries, Hydro Aluminum, Kind & Co., Lake Park Tool & Machine, SMS Meer, Tecalex, OMAV, Alexandria Industries, Illinois Institute of Technology

Product Code: ET HAGLO4


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