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Anodizing Complex 7000 Series Alloys


Product Information

•    Title:  Anodizing Complex 7000 Series Alloys

•    Author:  Jude Mary Runge

•    Volume:  Vol. 74, No. 5

•    Year:  2016

•    No. Pages:  3

•    Description:  Interfacial failures, such as filiform corrosion, delamination, and blistering, are rare at the interface between anodic aluminum oxide and its parent substrate due to the fact that anodizing is an oxidation process. However, interfacial discontinuities, which manifest as delamination and blistering between the anodic oxide finish and the aluminum base material, are well documented defects, particularly with anodized 7000  series alloys. A summary of the phenomena that impact the growth, structure, and interfacial stability of the anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) at all aluminum alloy substrate
surfaces and, 7000 series alloys in particular, are presented in this article, together with practical process recommendations to help alleviate the impact of interfacial phenomena on the quality of the anodic oxide.

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Product Code: ANOTT10P85


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