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Advanced Aluminum Armor Alloys


Product Information

•    Author:  Michael Niedzinski

•    Author's Company:  Constellium

•    Title:  Advanced Aluminum Armor Alloys

•    Volume:  Vol. 74, No. 6

•    Year:  2016

•    No. Pages:  3

•    Description:  Aluminum armor solutions have been in existence for the past 60 years, almost since the start of the Aluminum Association circa 1954. In recent years, new types of warfare have emerged, presenting new threats for soldiers. Aluminum producers have responded by developing more advanced armor solutions. Constellium has provided a number of new aluminum armor solutions under the KEIKOR™ brand. Two alloys, which draw their heritage from aerospace applications, emerged as the preferred choice based on an excellent combination of strength, blast/ballistic protection, corrosion resistance, and high formability in intermediate tempers. These armor plate products are KEIKOR 2139™ and KEIKOR 7056™. This article will highlight alloy 2139, which has been standardized in MIL-DTL 32341A.

•    Companies Mentioned:  Constellium, U.S. Army, Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC)

Product Code: ADV7OP7189


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