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Defects Affecting Extrusion – Lubricant Related Inclusions


Product Information

•    Title:  Defects Affecting Extrusion – Lubricant Related Inclusions

•    Author:  Jerome Fourmann

•    Author Company:  Rio Tinto Aluminum

•    Volume:  Vol. 75, No. 1

•    Year:  2017

•    No. Pages:  2

•    Description:  The 17th article in a series, addressing the presence of nonmetallic inclusions, covers

foreign particles originating from incorrect use of lubricants in the extrusion process. This article focuses on lubricant related inclusions that can also have damageable consequences on the extrusion cosmetic finish, including post anodizing or profiles intended to be machined. Characteristics, cause, and remedies for nonmetallic inclusions (including blisters, transverse welds, longitudinal welds, and micro-tearing or  stringers) are included, as well as best practices and recommendations for the investigation process.

•    Companies Mentioned:  Rio Tinto Aluminum

Product Code: DEFCYUO472


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