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Upgrading Press Hydraulic Drives and Controls


Product Information

•    Author:  Tom LaCombe

•    Author's Company:  Bosch Rexroth Corporation

•    Title:  Upgrading Press Hydraulic Drives and Controls

•    Volume:  Vol. 75, No. 2

•    Year:  2017

•    No. Pages:  2

•    Description:  A significant portion of extrusion press and system capacity in the Americas and Europe is comprised of press and auxiliary equipment that has been installed and operating for many years. This equipment is typically very robust and can be expected to continue to perform well mechanically for many years to come, if reasonably maintained. It is important to carefully review and compare the value delivered by investing in new press and auxiliary equipment with upgrading of existing assets. This article looks at new developments in hydraulic and control technologies, which are able to provide improvements in energy efficiency, safety, and data gathering that can be used to  greatly improve the performance of existing equipment.

Product Code: UPGSX2M872


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