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The Effect of Zirconium Poisoning on Grain Refiners


Product Information

•    Title:   The Effect of Zirconium Poisoning on Grain Refiners

•    Author:  John Courtenay

•    Author Company:  MQP

•    Volume:  Vol. 79, No. 4

•    Year:   2021

•    No. Pages:  2.5

•    Description:   When producing aluminum for automotive applications, companies will often add zirconium to provide alloy strengthening. However, a downside is that zirconium has been observed to have a “poisoning effect” on grain refiners, resulting in reduced potency and leading to high addition rates and larger grain sizes. Out of its laboratories in Sweden and the U.K., MQP is collaborating with BCAST at Brunel University, U.K., on a three year project to better understand the mechanism of nucleation within the aluminum melt. In addition, extensive investigations have been carried out at BCAST on the mechanism for Zr poisoning in Al-Ti-B based grain refiners. 2 The results of this research, along with practical work conducted by MQP, is presented in this article.

•    Companies Mentioned:   MQP, BCAST at Brunel University

Product Code: THE6C48C8


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